How to Make Battlefront II More Awesome

As those of you who have followed this blog for a long time (all one or two of you) have noticed, a lot of time goes by between my posts. I keep meaning to post more frequently, but find that I have trouble coming up with things to write about. However, I’ve recently gotten back into gaming, something I hadn’t done in a while. So I thought it might be fun to write some posts about the games I’ve been playing lately.

With all the hype surrounding the new Star Wars Battlefront game coming out later this year (check out the gameplay), I recently rediscovered Battlefront 2, one of my all-time favorites. I feel like this game is just about the closest I can get to feeling like I’m in a Star Wars movie. I especially love the space battles (unfortunately it doesn’t look like those will make it into the new game). And I like how you can complete a game in about 10 -15 minutes, that’s good for someone like me who doesn’t have a whole lot of free time to game.

However, the game is a bit dated at this point, and a bit limited if you only play the game as it ships, especially now that the multiplayer functionality is no longer supported. Luckily, there are hundreds of fan made mods and add-ons out there. I found a couple add-on in particular that really enhance the gameplay experience by adding a ton of new content and sprucing up the graphics a bit. Now I did have a bit of trial and error getting all these mods to work together (and several game crashes) but I think I’ve figured out the right order to install them so that they all work. Here are the steps I followed.

First thing, make sure you backup you entire game directory before you install any of these. That way, if something goes wrong, and you accidentally render your game unplayable (as I did several times), you will have a clean copy to restore your game with.

If you are using the Steam version of the game, you game directory should look something like this:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Star Wars Battlefront II

And if you are using the disc version of the game, your game directory will be:
C:\Program Files (x86)\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II

Next, install these three patches. I’ve found it works best to set the installers to extract the files to a separate folder you create somewhere else (on your desktop for example), and then manually copy them to the game directory. The documentation for each will tell you exactly where the files need to be copied. Make sure you copy to the right place, or these won’t work.

For best results, install these three patches in the following order:

1. Unofficial Star Wars Battlefront II v1.3 Patch
This one basically updates all the skins to make everything look prettier. Droids and stormtroopers will look shiny and a lot of the weapons will look closer to how they looked in the movies.

2. Star Wars Battlefront Conversion Pack
This one adds a TON of new content including all the maps from Battlefront I and adds factions from the Knights of the Old Republic era. It also features my absolute favorite map which is the space battle around the second Death Star. That alone is worth the download.

3. Star Wars Battlefront Conversion Pack Patch
This one basically adds a few updates and bug fixes for the conversion pack.

Once you have these set up, fire up the game and enjoy hours of Star Wars awesomeness!

Still not satisfied and want even more content? Here are a few more mods that I have played with and enjoyed. As I try out more, I’ll be sure to update this list.
Dark Times
Mandalorian Wars Project
Battlefront Zero


I’m a husband, web programmer, and big time Star Wars fan. I’m addicted to social media and I enjoy reading sci-fi, watching action movies, listening to country music, and playing the occasional video game.

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