Developing a Strategy / RPG Game and I Need Some Help

For several years now, I’ve had an idea kicking around in my head to set up some kind of online strategy / RPG game set in the Star Wars universe. A lot of the gameplay would be similar to Risk. Players would control fleets of ships, and fight for control of star systems across a large map of the Star Wars galaxy. The map would look something like this. In addition to combat, the game would also involve diplomacy as players try to convince planetary governments to join their faction or form alliances with other players. This is where the roleplaying would come in. The GM would be responsible for some interaction with the players, as well as coming up with some random missions for the players to tackle. But for the most part, the GM will simply act as a referee, leaving most of the storytelling to the players.

I have several different ideas on how the game could work and need some help to nail it down. I would appreciate some feedback on which ideas you like best, or some suggestions on how I could improve this concept. Would you be interested in playing such a game, or do you think this whole thing is just a terrible idea and feel I should stop wasting my time?

Faction Based
In this set up, players would take control of an entire faction in the Star Wars universe, such as Rebel Alliance, Galactic Empire, Mandalorians, Black Sun, etc. Each player would build up several fleets of ships, based on three ship classes: Fighter Squadrons, Frigates, Cruisers. As star systems are taken by a faction, that faction will gain more and more resources to use to build more ships. Also, players would be able to form alliances with other factions in order to share technology or coordinate attacks. The drawback to this setup is that, besides the Alliance and the Empire, information on a faction’s ship classes may be very limited. This means some of the ship classes would end of being very generic, such as “Mandalorian Frigate”, or “Black Sun Cruiser.”

Fleet Based
In this set up, players would control one fleet of ships as opposed to an entire faction. The faction choices would be limited to just Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire, but you would be able to customize your fleet with a wide variety of specific ships (such as A-Wings, TIE Interceptors, Nebulan-B frigates, Star Destroyers, etc). Also, ground combat could easily be incorporated into this model. One drawback with this would be that faction resources would have to be divided between players in the same faction.

Role Based
This setup is a variation on the Fleet Based setup. Several players would work together to control a single fleet. One player would act as the fleet commander and would be responsible for controlling the fleet’s frigates and cruisers during combat. Another player would act as the wing commander and take control of the fleet’s fighter squadrons. And another player would take control of a fleet’s ground forces.

Video Games
Another idea I came up with is to incorporate video games to make combat a little more interactive. Rather than a traditional combat system, the results of a battle could be determined by playing various Star Wars video games. For example, to participate in a ground battle, a player could fire up Battlefront or Empire at War. And to participate in a space battle, the player could set up a skirmish round in X-Wing Alliance or Battlefront 2. Players could also take on different roles (Fleet Commander, Wing Commander, Ground Force Commander) depending on which video games they have available.

Non-Star Wars
I’m also open to the idea of setting up a game that takes place in a different universe besides Star Wars, such as Star Trek. The Star Trek universe would have a wide variety of factions to choose from, as well as a few different time periods to base the game in. Also, exploration of uncharted areas of space could be incorporated. Another idea I had was to set up a universe in which everything is made up by the players. Each player would create their own race, design their own ships (based on the three basic ship classes), and come up with that race’s history, as well as political and military objectives. That could be fun because there’s no telling where the story could go.

So those are my ideas, let me know what you think.


I’m a husband, web programmer, and big time Star Wars fan. I’m addicted to social media and I enjoy reading sci-fi, watching action movies, listening to country music, and playing the occasional video game.

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