April Fools Jokes of 2012

Granted I’m a few days late posting this, but every year I like to share some of the many April Fools Day jokes that are circulated around the Internet. Here are some of the best ones I found:

Conan O-Brian Takes over Mashable

Gmail Tap

8-Bit Google Maps for NES

Sir Richard Branson Unveils “Virgin Volcanic”

Conan O-Brian Unveils the Future of Twitter: Manual Tweets

Flickr gets Back to Basics

New Star Wars book series: “The Clone Wars 2” by Timothy Zahn

Astronomers Find the Star Wars Galaxy

George Takei announces a new Star Trek series

George Lucas Burns Original Star Wars Negatives

James Cameron to Direct Prometheus Sequel

Hiring at Goodreads: New Opening for Hyperintelligent Pandimensional Mice

Game of Thrones Perfume

Admiral Ackbar Singing Bass

The Magician’s Nephew” Poster Leaked Online

The Muppets in Narnia Special is Coming

Google April Fools Roundup

Huffington Post: The Best Pranks of the Year

And by far my favorite April Fools joke this year was an episode of the “Star Wars In Character” podcast in which they spend over an hour discussing a character that was completely made-up:

Star Wars In Character: Episode 49 – Mav K’rim


I’m a husband, web programmer, and big time Star Wars fan. I’m addicted to social media and I enjoy reading sci-fi, watching action movies, listening to country music, and playing the occasional video game.

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2 comments on “April Fools Jokes of 2012
  1. Tim says:

    Thank you for the awesome compliment on our April Fools Episode!!! We had a blast recording it! – Tim from SWIC

  2. Chris Vecchione says:

    That episode was so good I actually listened to it twice. You guys did a fantastic job and definitely had me fooled. At first I felt kind of dumb for not knowing who this guy was. You guys clearly put a lot of time into coming up with a back-story that was funny but just believable enough. Great job!

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