Multiple Chrome Profiles

Since my wife and I share a computer, and both of us use Google Chrome as a browser (although she uses Firefox sometimes too), I wanted to find a way to keep my bookmarks, web apps, and extensions separate from hers. So, with a few Google searches, I found some instructions on how to create two completely separate instances of Chrome. On my computer, there are now two shortcuts, one that says “Chrome,” that’s hers, and one that says “Chris’ Chrome,” that’s mine. So now I don’t have to worry about adding bookmarks or installing new plugins and getting them mixed up with her stuff.

After I figured this out, Chrome got updated with support for multiple users. However, this requires each user to sign in and out of Chrome. I still prefer having two completely separate instances.

I have included links to two sets of instructions: one for Windows users and one for Mac users. On Windows, all you have to do is make a copy of the Chrome data folder (you can paste it wherever you want), and create a new shortcut that points to it. I don’t think I even needed to run the command line stuff. If the new folder is empty, it should reset everything in Chrome back to defaults.

Windows Instructions: How to Create Separate Profiles in Google Chrome for Family Members

The Mac instructions seem a bit more complicated. I can confirm that the Windows instructions work, I tried this on both XP and Windows 7. However, I don’t own a Mac so I’m not sure if those instructions work or not.

Mac Instructions: Multiple User Profiles in Google Chrome for Mac

Either way, once you have the new instance of Chrome set up, fire it up and sign into your Google account. Anything you have synced (bookmarks, extensions, web apps, etc.) will then show up.

I hope this information is useful!


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