Five Years Ago Today

Five years ago, I married my best friend. Today, on our five year anniversary, I thought I’d share what I remember from that wonderful day…

We had gotten engaged on Christmas Eve of 2004. A week later, Jacquelyn had already found her wedding dress. We spent the next year and a half planning the wedding, looking back we agree that was a little too long of an engagement. Things got stressful at times, particularly towards the end. We fought through some difficulties, namely losing our wedding venue. Luckily, a new venue we really liked ended up helping us out a lot. Then finally, in June of 2006, the big day arrived.

I had been up really late the night before and had to get up pretty early so I was a little tired, but I was so excited! Jacquelyn had stayed at a hotel the night before. I remember being alone in the apartment, blaring some music and pretty much dancing for joy as I was getting ready. I was still really excited when my Dad (who also happened to be my best man) picked me up and we headed out to the wedding. I was glad that I would get there early to make sure that the set up was going well. However, when we were almost there, I realized I had forgotten some paper work we needed to get into one of the attractions on our honeymoon (looking back we really didn’t need it). I kept going back and forth with myself until finally I told Dad we had to go all the way back home to get it. From that point on, until the start of the ceremony, my nerves kicked in. What else am I forgetting? What might go wrong?
But when I was standing outside by a gazebo, with my Dad next to me, and the music started playing, the stress just went away. The big moment had arrived and everything just fell into place. One by one the bridesmaids came out. Then the two cutest little flower girls you ever saw slowly made their way down the walkway, taking flower petals and gently placing them on the ground one by one. It was so cute!

Then, there she was. Jacquelyn was escorted down the aisle by her Aunt and her Dad. She looked like a princess. As she was making her way towards me, my dad and I couldn’t decide who needed his handkerchief more. We were very emotional. I remember Jacquelyn and I holding hands and smiling at each other the whole time. The ceremony was perfect. We exchanged vows, and roses, and then had our first kiss. And I have to say that weather had been a huge concern for us as that had been the year of the Mother’s Day floods, and it had been pouring buckets the day before. Jacquelyn had been convinced the we were going to have to move the ceremony indoors. But luckily the weather couldn’t have been any better for an outdoor ceremony, bright, sunny, and not too hot.

Then we spent quite a bit of time getting our pictures taken. We were both starving by that point, but there wasn’t even time to snack on the hors-devours that had been provided for us. I barely had time to have one sip of ginger ale. After pictures, we entered the reception and went right into our first dance. Our five sessions of dance lessions and our nicely choreographed dance went right out the window. Swaying to the music of our first dance song (DJ Sammy’s candlelight rendition of “Heaven”) with a twirl at the end was just fine for us. My Dad gave a a very nice toast and finally we got to eat! You know how most people say that you really don’t have time to eat your dinner at your wedding? Well I was having none of that! We paid good money for that food and it was delicious, so there was no way I wasn’t finishing my stuffed chicken.

The rest of the time seemed to go by so fast. We mingled with family members and friends, danced, cut our wedding cake, which took me forever because I was trying not to make a mess. I danced with my Mom and Jacquelyn made a very heartfelt dedication to her Aunt which left everyone there in tears. I also remember finding myself alone on the dance floor at one point and doing my own little disco dance. It was so much fun. When it was all over, we waved goodbye to everyone and had a nice town car take us down to Boston. We left for Bermuda early the next morning.

There’s so much more that happened that day, and I could just keep going on an on. It’s hard to believe that five years have already gone by. But they have been five of the best years of my life.

Here’s a link to a site I had put together a while ago, it has more info about the wedding itself and a bunch of pictures: Chris and Jacquelyn’s Wedding

And to my loving wife of five years:
Happy Anniversary, I Love You So Much!


I’m a husband, web programmer, and big time Star Wars fan. I’m addicted to social media and I enjoy reading sci-fi, watching action movies, listening to country music, and playing the occasional video game.

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