My Favorite Chrome Web Apps (So Far)

I was so excited when I found out this week that the Chrome Web Store was finally open for business. When I started exploring all of the new apps, I was a little confused at first because it seemed like a lot of the apps were just bookmarks to existing sites. I soon learned that one of the ideas behind the Web Store is to highlight “Web Apps” that are already out there and bring them together. This has helped me to discover some really interesting sites I may not have found otherwise. And it’s cool to have bookmarks to apps I already use, such as Gmail and YouTube, side by side with these new apps.

Each app in the Web Store falls into one of two categories: “Packaged” Apps and “Hosted” Apps. Packaged Apps are specifically designed to work in the Chrome browser while Hosted Apps are simply links to various sites and can typically be viewed in most browsers.

I have listed the best ones I have discovered so far. I’ll be sure to update this list as more apps become available. First, here are a few really nice Packaged Apps:

Weather Window

And here are some Hosted Apps. In adition to the link to each app, I have also included the website links so that non-Chrome users can check them out:


Pixlr Editor


wikiHow Survival Kit




Enjoy! And just a quick note for anyone who happens to use the new RockMelt browser, they announced on Twitter that Chrome Web App integration is coming within the next few weeks. I can’t wait!

Updated on 2/25/2011:

I make extensive use of these web apps in both the Chrome and RockMelt browsers, as well on my CR-48. Over the past several months, the Chrome store has been filling up with tons of new apps. Here are some more that I really like:

IMO Instant Messenger
Amazon Windowshop
All Menus
Invaders Zero
Super Mario Bros. Crossover
Castle Age

I’ve also added some bookmark apps to services I’d already been using including: Google Docs, Google Reader, Hootsuite, Pandora, and Dropbox.


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