Star Wars In Concert

Everyone who knows me knows that I’m a huge fan of the Star Wars movies.  However, for almost as long as I’ve loved the movies themselves, I’ve also been a fan of all the music that’s in the movies.  So, you can imagine how excited I was when last October I was lucky enough to go with my Dad to see Star Wars In Concert at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

The show was absolutely fantastic!  It was amazing to hear that music performed by a live orchestra, with clips from the movies playing on a huge screen in the background.  Throw in a laser show, a few pyrotechnics, not to mention a cool exhibit of props and costumes, and you’ve got quite the event going on.  I even got my picture taken with some stormtroopers, Darth Vader, and Jango Fett!

Anyway, I could go on and on about it.  But instead I wanted to find some way to share the experience of being there.  As of yet, there is no DVD out so I was hoping to find a few good clips of the show online.  But in most of the videos I found, you either can’t hear the music, or you can’t see the screen.  Luckily, I then found out that a guy on Youtube has posted high quality HD videos of the entire concert!  You can see the screen very clearly and the music sounds great.

I have posted links to all 18 videos for your viewing, and listening, pleasure.  It’s not quite the same as being there, but it just might be the next best thing.  So if you are in the mood for some great music, and have some time to kill, sit back and enjoy!  And hopefully Youtube won’t take the clips down.

Clips from the Philadelphia show (I’ve starred my favorites!):

  1. Opening Fanfare*
  2. Dark Forces Conspire
  3. A Hero Rises
  4. Droids!
  5. A Race With Destiny
  6. A Fateful Love
  7. A Hero Falls*
  8. An Empire Is Forged*
  9. A Narrow Escape
  10. A Defender Emerges
  11. An Unlikely Alliance
  12. A Jedi Is Trained
  13. A Strike For Freedom
  14. A Bond Unbroken
  15. Sanctuary Moon
  16. A Life Redeemed
  17. A New Day Dawns/Finale*
  18. Imperial March (encore)

Here’s a clip from the Manchester show that features host Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) giving his opening narration:
“Dark Forces Conspire” – Verizon Wireless Arena, Manchester, NH

Here are some photos from when I went to the show in Dallas:
Photos from the Concert


I’m a husband, web programmer, and big time Star Wars fan. I’m addicted to social media and I enjoy reading sci-fi, watching action movies, listening to country music, and playing the occasional video game.

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One comment on “Star Wars In Concert
  1. Chris, nice write up. Sorry I missed it!

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